kettlebell training 

A head-to-toe guided strength & conditioning program
Designed to get you functionally fitter

30 minute sessions you can do anywhere
Accompanying real-time video

Created by expert Nick Moffatt


 You will become measurably and noticeably stronger and fitter than before, helping you in your daily life, work, activities or sports. Committing to this program, recording your progress - all you have to do is start.

why do it?

Even just a fraction of this could transform your fitness qualities which you will notice in daily life, especially if kettlebell training is new to you.


When you commit to this program you can expect rapid improvements and progress week after week in strength and fitness, and better movement.


When you commit long term to quality training, you can expect increased performance and longevity in your sport or daily activities.


By committing to this 6-week program of 45 minutes weekly, you will prepare your body and improve your physical performance for all that you do. Skills and methods you will come back to all year and beyond.


If you’re looking to improve body composition, this also burns vast calories and promotes a leaner physique.

the benefits

- Learn how to warm up effectively
- Increase strength and power
- Reduce the risk of injury
- Increase mobility & flexibility
- Increase aerobic capacity and muscular endurance

- Feel more agile
- Make everything require less effort

what is it?


> PAY ONCE, STREAM ANYTIME - with 6 minute Warm-up, 25 minute Kettlebell strength and power work, 5 minute bespoke trunk or ‘core’ section.

> ACCOMPANYING 6-WEEK DETAILED PROGRAM to ensure your progression. Includes training methodology, principles and kettlebell advice, to see you progress further over multiple blocks of 6 weeks. 

> INCLUDES THE BIG 5 FUNDAMENTAL KETTLEBELL EXERCISES plus the 7 best further kettlebell strength, power and movement exercises integrated into an action-packed conditioning session.

> EXTRA MOTIVATION  Social group on-line to help each other for encouragement and where Nick will drop-in regularly for Q&A on all things kettlebell and fitness.

> VOICE OVER INSTRUCTION with key coaching cues, and optional

background music.


> ESSENTIAL TRAINING to help all levels of strength training experience and reduce the risk of injury.


Once you've purchased the program for £18.99 you'll immediately get access to stream the video - yours to access permanently - and you'll receive an email with a link to the accompanying programme PDF.


why kettlebell training? 

Kettlebell training is different than other forms of weight training because many parts of the body are exercised simultaneously elevating the heart rate for effective cardiovascular training.


Kettlebells can be used in ballistic swinging movements utilising the whole body along with momentum or used in more traditional press and squat exercises.


The displacement of the weight from the hand requires the stabilising muscles engage more with each movement and therefore requiring more muscle firing at once. Kettlebell exercises are whole-body exercises requiring full body integration and core stabilisation.


how will this program help me?

A testimonial about Nick Moffatt from Steve Thorp, Pro Windsurfer - former British Slalom Champion, World speed competitor and top 4 British wave sailor.

'The results have been obvious, I'm now feeling fitter and stronger than ever for my sport despite a long history of working out in the past, but my efforts have now been more targeted and effective - This has really motivated me'

'There has been more hip and shoulder work, two areas I've had problems with in the past'

'I feel like I have more power now, a stronger core and stronger supporting muscles around the joints'

'It's important for me to have quick effective work outs and stay injury free and this is exactly what Nick has given me. Advice and programs I can trust'


Nick Moffatt, Strength & Conditioning coach

 more about nick & his work